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Why is bad breath, what to do?

Why is bad breath, what to do?

Many people have bad breath. Such problems are embarrassing to read. Friends often turn away. There are simple solutions to such complex problems. Dr. wrote about this in Jugantar. Anupam Read More

Those foods that ruin your sleep

Lifestyle Desk: Sleep does not mean laziness. Sleep means rest. The next task is to prepare yourself for sleep. If sleep is not enough, mood swells, body will get worse.

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The character of women in navel analysis!

Lifestail Desk: Life does not go on only with physical beauty, so you need to know what a person is like. What is the character of a woman. This is

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As far as the relationship is concerned

Lifestyle desk: There may be tension about. There is a complex psychological equation of values, pride, emotions and more. The slightest misunderstanding should not end the relationship, so there is

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Things to keep in mind for a happy bride

Lifestile Desk: If you want to spend years under the same roof, love each other like you should; Likewise, it is important to have a sense of responsibility, respect and

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